1958-1960 Lincoln Premiere


The 1958-1960 Lincoln Premiere was the completely redesigned standard Lincoln. Again, it was priced higher than the Capri, but less than the new companion Continental Marks Ill, IV, and V of these years.
It was about six inches longer and several hundred pounds heavier, which made the new 430-cid big-block “MEL” V-8 a must. Output was progressively reduced, however, in the quest for whatever mileage improvement was possible in these giants. Styling was marked by quad headlights in slanted recesses flanking an enormous grille and huge bumpers front and rear. Convertibles were sent over to the new Continental Mark III companion line

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, which shared the standard Lincoln’s unit body/chassis construction and basic appearance.
A minor facelift was ordained for ’59, and a more thorough redo — including a reworked greenhouse — was accomplished for ’60. Collector opinion is very divided on these cars. Some find them hideous, overly complex, and wallowy, while others think they’re just the thing for long-haul cruising in ’50s-style comfort.
Low sales and less of the “more is better” attitude generally in Detroit led to an all-new downsized Lincoln line for ’61.
Pluses of the 1958-1960 Lincoln Premiere:
Minuses of the 1958-1960 Lincoln Premiere:
Production of the 1958-1960 Lincoln Premiere:
Specifications of the 1958-1960 Lincoln Premiere: Wheelbase, inches: 131.0 Length, inches: 229.0 (1958), 227.2 (1959-1960) Weight, pounds: 4,798-5,064Price, new: $5,318-$5,945
Engines for the 1958-1960 Lincoln Premiere: