1953 Kaiser "Hardtop" Dragon

No Dragons were built for 1952, but the following year the luxury 1953 Kaiser ¡°Hardtop¡± Dragon appeared, with a unique interior by designer Carleton Spencer, now a separate model. It featured 14-carat gold-plated hood ornament, exterior emblem, fender script, and glovebox nameplate.
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Production of the 1953 Kaiser ¡°Hardtop¡± Dragon: 1,277 Specifications of the 1953 Kaiser ¡°Hardtop¡± Dragon: Wheelbase, inches: 118.5 Length, inches: 211.1 Weight, pounds: 3,320 Price, new: $3,924 (U.S.) Engines for the 1953 Kaiser ¡°Hardtop¡± Dragon:

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