1930-1936 Rolls-Royce 20/25

The 1930-1936 Rolls-Royce 20/25 was the second-generation “small” Rolls-Royce — the direct replacement for the original “20.” Unlike the Phantom I, there was no Springfield equivalent built in the U.S

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As with all such prewar Rolls-Royces, it was offered only as a rolling chassis for coachbuilt bodywork, so a huge variety of styles still exists

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. Beautifully and carefully crafted, the 20/25 was surprisingly slow, even for the period — about 70 mph tops.
A synchromesh gearbox was added for 1932, and a complete centralized chassis lubrication for 1934. This Rolls-Royce was the British at their best, so no excuse needed to buy one.
Pluses of the 1930-1936 Rolls-Royce 20/25:
Minuses of the 1930-1936 Rolls-Royce 20/25:
Production of the 1930-1936 Rolls-Royce 20/25: 3,827
Specifications of the 1930-1936 Rolls-Royce 20/25: Wheelbase, inches: 129.0 Length, inches: average 180.0 Weight, pounds: approx. 3,800 Price, new: NA

Engines for the 1930-1936 Rolls-Royce 20/25:

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